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About Peliton Plastics

Peliton is a full service, plastic injection molding and manufacturing company located in the southeastern United States at Valdosta Georgia.

Peliton offers a wide range of low cost services which include plastic injection molding, mold making, part assembly, packaging, machining, ultrasonic welding and shipping. All of these services we perform at the lowest possible cost. Our philosophy is when your project is a profitable success, our company a success!

Peliton was founded in 1996 by Robert McKinnon. We began with one old plastic injection molding machine in a 3,000 sq. ft. rented building. Thanks to our teams dedication to customer satisfaction, we now own a 35,000 sq. ft. facility with state-of-the-art molding machines. Our company continues to grow and expand it's capabilities to meet our customers needs.

We start with your idea and turn it into into a finished working product that fully meets your expectations and specifications.

"I believe that the reason for our success is hard work, dedication, and the fact that our employees care about how each project is handled for our customers".

Robert McKinnon
President, The Peliton Company


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Quick and Accurate Quotations

A quotation is only a phone call away. Peliton will guide you through a complete cost analysis. The cost analysis will be based on your CAD drawings, the weight and volume of the part, and your assembly requirements.
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Quality Assurance

The Peliton's entire team of professionals are dedicated to deliver high quality finished products at the lowest possible cost. We begin with top quality materials, the right equipment for the right job and inspect all parts at every level of the manufacturing process. We strive to meet your exact quality specifications. With our precision equipment and experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Product Development

We work with large and small companies, industrial designers, individuals and inventors, with the development of new products.You will find us very friendly always willing to take the time to sit down and discuss your idea and help bring it to market as economically as possible. We have worked with everything from professional cad designs, cardboard cut-outs and crayon drawings. If you already have CAD drawings then it's just a matter of providing a quote for the work.

Project Management

Our company can manage your project, keeping your overhead down and passing the savings on to you. Peliton will coordinate your project through a network of manufacturing professionals, ensuring quality is met at ever step of the way and that your product is delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

Since we began in 1996, we have assisted hundreds of customers throughout the United States in successfully developing and manufacturing quality products.


We utilize a wide range of the latest plastic injection molding machines (from 75 ton to 500 ton capacity). We can handle large and small parts, long and short runs.
Please see our Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities Page for complete details.

Printing Department

Our printing department offers contract pad printing and screen printing on plastic products and point-of-purchase displays. There is no need to ship your product to a second
location to be printed, at Peliton it's all done in house at one location.


Peliton is very "inventor friendly", always willing to sit down and discuss your new invention and help bring it to market. We have helped many new inventors with their inventions. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement so you can feel comfortable knowing that your invention is safe and protected.

Peliton will work with you to get your product into production as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

If you are a first time inventor, you may want to look at the following two pages on our web site;

For your information: Describes the process of plastic injection molding and information on how the cost of a part is figured.

What to do when you have an invention: A step by step guide for new inventors.

Peliton can make it happen!


Have Questions? Give Us a Call, No Obligations.

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