The History of Peliton Plastics
Founded in 1996

  High quality custom plastic injection molding and manufacturing at the lowest possible price.  




Aerial view of the Peliton building
Peliton's 35,000 sq. ft. building
Valdosta, Georgia

Our History

Peliton was founded in 1996 with the dream of building a company where people could enjoy coming to work.

We started small and under-funded with one old machine and 3,000 sq. ft. of space (including offices).

Now with some of the same people, 35,000 sq. ft. building and state-of-the-art plastic molding machines, we continue to grow and develop new capabilities.

"I believe that the reason for that success is hard work, dedication, and the fact that our employees care about how each project is handled for our customers.

We strive to be the best Plastic injection molding company in the southeast. Being a small company means that building a relationship with each client is very important to us.

At Peliton we treat every customer like they are our only customer.

Our philosophy is when your project is a success this is what makes our company a success!!!"



Robert McKinnon president of the Peliton Company
Robert McKinnon - Owner

    Robert McKinnon    



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